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Why we created this site?

Progress, development and logical thinking distinguish humans from animals.

That’s why we as humans and creators of this site are aspiring for progress and are creating conditions for other people as well to manifest before an ever greater number of people their creative abilities, to apply them in practice and thus we and all the other people can use their progress both for ourselves and for the common good, so that all of us together can develop faster and with less obstacles.

Therefore this site offers to you – its visitors – opportunities to excel, to achieve and to apply your work and creative achievements. In four ways:

1. Free publishing on our site of a description of your results.
2. Help in creating and organizing a business of your own for the purpose of enabling you to finance your efforts for creation of progress and personal health and happiness on your own.
3. Cooperation of your business with our business for the purpose of offering on a much wider and more massive scale of products on the market and for the purpose of cost cutting.
4. Courses for augmenting your knowledge and abilities in major pivotal fields which facilitate not only your personal development, but also your business development.

Because it is humiliating for people who create progress to pray for charity, donations and sponsorship from people who just sponge on other people’s progress without creating any progress!

We have experienced firsthand such humiliation and that’s why we want to prevent such humiliation from afflicting yourself and if you are already experiencing such humiliation at the moment, to eliminate it and to steer your creative energies in the direction of your own business and hence in the direction of realizing the full potential of your abilities and dreams into practice.

Therefore the slogan of this site is:
„Create and control your own business if you do not want others to control YOU and sponge on your abilities!”

Our Motivation!

There are three kinds of internet marketers.

The first is someone who doesn't care what they sell online… it could be anything from ebooks to ecigs… their passion is in the selling. Their primary concern is profiting with every promotion.

They test aggressively, judge failures quickly, and move on to the next product that they can sell to satisfy their passion. We'll call these the Salespeople for their natural ability to sell (and the great pleasure they derive from it).

Selling doesn't come as easily for the second kind of marketer. They get their kicks from sharing their information with the world… from transforming lives through their solutions… from seeing the ah-ha look of understanding in the eyes of their clients. These marketers are the Topic Experts that turn to marketing because it's the path to impacting more people and changing more lives.

Topic Experts don't usually like the sales part of marketing. They really just want to teach and transform, and the hard hitting sales tactics used by Salespeople don't sit well with them. Because of their discomfort with the sales process, they are often left with fledgling businesses that never really see the wide reach they hoped to achieve to support their passion to change the world (or at least a larger part of it).

Does this sound like you? Then read on…

We're type 2 marketers as well. We love to be the ones making a difference for the people who make a difference. Influencing the influencers. Changing the game for the game-changers.

And we're doing that this site with many products specifically designed to help Topic Experts (which includes speakers, authors, coaches) do more of what they want – transform lives. You'll see our systems for developing offers and business that will help you both transform lives (your passion) while transforming your bank account (the tools that allows you to continue your passion).

And we're also type 3 "marketers" as well:

Sometimes we even lose time and money for the sake of the development of people and all mankind. But we do not perceive it as a sacrifice, but as our moral obligation to the labour of all people on Earth. Because our own human development is result of the development of all over the civilization in the past and now.

Our Motto

Only the human specie realize the labour as his own inner, spiritual need for development. Nobody pays the satisfaction of your need for food or sleeping, right? That is why the only the human specie, in contrast to other animals, have development in general.

The Labour – the Vital Need For Development.
If the human not develops he is not human!




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