Hey, Toni here again.

So I first started trying to make money online waaaaay back in like 2008. (Which is basically Jurassic in internet terms)

Back then I didn’t know what I was doing and ended up joinging some biz-opp after seeing an ad in a magazine I got from the local newsagents. Like any biz-opp, the goal was to get more people to join the biz-opp – basically go out and get as much traffic as possible, by any means possible…

And I had ZERO experience at that. Now if you’ve ever tried that yourself, you’ll know how well that works πŸ˜› (And even if you’ve never done it, I’m sure you can guess how well it went, right?)

I’m not proud to admit it, but to try and drum up some customers, any customers, I actually went through the phone book and just started finding random businesses that listed a website and email. Then I’d email them pitching the biz-opp. (I know. I’m actually ashamedto think I did that now)

Can you guess how much money I made doing that?

Yep. A big fat zero. What I learned from that is that just getting ‘traffic’ (or visitors) to a website is not enough. It needs to be TARGETED traffic i.e. people who are actually LOOKING for what you’re providing.

This is a big mistake that a lot of people make. The truth is, you can make money with just a handful of visitors a day.

Less than 100 TARGETED visitors per day can make you MORE than the average US household income. (I’ll show you how that works another time … I don’t want to get ahead of myself and overwhelm you here) So, traffic is something that a LOT of people get hung up on. But it’s not a big deal… At least it shouldn’t be. Before you ever do anything to drive a single visitor to your site, you need to do something else first… You need to have a conversion process in place.

So what’s a conversion process?
Basically a conversion is what happens when someone takes a desired action. That action could be a sale, or it could be a new lead, or it could just be someone clicking on a specific page of your site. And it could even be a combination of two or more actions. In it’s simplest form, a proven conversion process works like this…

TT + LC + FE = $$$$$

The first item there is ‘TT’. Most people would just call this ‘T’. But like any formula, if you change the ingredients, the result will be different. So if you want the ‘$$’ to come out on the end, you need to make sure you’re putting the right stuff in.

‘TT’ stands for Targeted Traffic. Remember, not just traffic, but TARGETED traffic. Traffic is random people walking by your ‘shovel supply’ shop in a shopping mall with 200 other stores in the building. Targeted traffic is putting your ‘shovel supply’ shop in the middle of California during the gold rush, where everyone is digging!

See the difference that’s going to make to your business? The traffic you get needs to be targeted. (Think, I need to say ‘targeted’ again, or have you got it? πŸ™‚ Each of those items is extremely important, but as we’ve said traffic is something else we’ll cover later. So let’s move on to the next ingredient for now…

‘LC’ …Just for fun … Any guesses what that could be?

My Answer: In case you’re not familiar, Lead Capture is just a process whereby we want to get names/emails of prospects who are interested in what we have to offer. (They’re also called squeeze pages or optin pages too) Even a simple ‘contact us’ form on a business website can be called a lead capture page. Then you can have your secretary or assistant, or whoever, follow up with that potential lead and get them to do business with you.

But that’s the hard way… Thankfully, these days there’s an easier way to manage all of this interaction using a tool called an Auto-Responder… which, as you can probably guess, responds, automatically πŸ™‚

An autoresponder is an invaluable tool when it comes to building an online business. It allows you to build a database of prospects and communicate with every single one of them individually, but in a completely ‘hands-off’ manner. Imagine trying to email 10,000+ people one by one everytime you want to let them know about something via email.

Impossible, right? …Now …

On the other hand, imagine that you have access to 10,000+ people who are interested in ‘Blue Widgets’ (or whatever it is you want to sell) … Imagine that there’s a new source of Blue Widgets that you can sell.

And for every one you sell, you get paid $50. … Now, imagine being able to type one email and automatically send it out to 10,000 Blue Widget enthusiasts, letting them know where to buy the new Blue Widgets.

Think that could make you money? … You betcha! That’s the beauty of building a database of prospects by using an autoresponder… The results are scalable, but the work is the same. It takes the same effort to send an email to 1 person as it does to 100,000 people. (IF you use an autoresponder)

So … going back to our formula: TT + LC + FE = $$

The last part of this is FE (Front End). The “front end” is the first offer that people will see once they optin to your lead capture page. Ideally it should be something that can get them to become a buyer and so low priced items really work well for this.

But what if you don’t have your own product? Don’t worry! You can also find lots of affiliate products that pay you 100% commissions on sites like JVZoo.com

So until you get your own product up and running, you can just use a product as an affiliate that pays 100% commissions. The important part here is that we’re building a list with your optin page.

The front end offer is just in place to try and recoup some of our advertising costs. Right now we need to make sure you’re working on getting your lead capture page setup. Without this part in place first, you can’t focus on the others.



Let me tell you a quick story…

Back when I finally stumbled across this formula and started making some money with it, I was cheap. Seriously. I was as cheap as they come. (But hey, I was a student too) I started building my list using a free autoresponder service that I found online… Because I didn’t want to ‘waste’ money (at least that’s how I saw it) on one of the paid ones.

So, after getting my conversion process all set up, I started driving traffic … sorry … TARGETED traffic πŸ™‚ Pretty soon I was getting new leads, and they were buying stuff from me, and everything was great. I was telling people how great it was, and how I was able to make all this money from the internet.

Until one day, the owner of the free autoresponder service decided it wasn’t worth his time/energy to keep running it. It was free after all, so he wasn’t getting paid to run it. So, just like that, overnight, he shut it down and deleted the site.

And with it, he deleted my database of over 1,000 leads and customers.

I gotta tell you, that HURT. At that point I would have given ANYTHING to have that service up and running again, and be able to keep my list. The truth was, by trying to go with the cheap/free option, it cost me a LOT more than the $15 a month or so that a professional one cost.

So what’s my point? Listen, I want you to succeed.

I want you to take the information in these emails and use it to build your own successful business. I want you to be able to have a business that enables you to take holidays whenever you like, or buy a new car with cash, or even just quit your job. I want all that for you and more. But I DON’T want you to suffer the same mistakes that I made when I was just starting out. Like I’ve said before, just because something is free doesn’t always mean it’s good. Remember, your list is going to be your most precious asset for your business, so you need to make sure it’s safe.

With a responsive list, it’s possible to earn six figures a year or more. Think of it this way… If someone gave you $100,000 in a big old bundle of cash, which of the two following things would you do…

(A) Buy a safe for $500 and keep the remaining $99,500 locked up in the safe so it was secure.


(B) Choose not to spend $500 on a safe, and instead walk around with $100,000 in your pocket all the time waiting to get mugged?

The truth is, with a properly setup internet business, you have the potential to make that $100,000 for yourself. So would you do everything you can to protect that, or would you just hope that nothing bad will ever happen to take it away from you?

Have I made my point? … Good πŸ™‚

Realistically there are only 2 companies that I would recommend you use for your autoresponder. This is company that I’ve used personally, and trust with my own lists. Only one lump-sum payment. Only $27 AFTER Popup !!!:


Other my company offer you 30 days free trial period. After that – perfect for email marketing beginners option for only $15 per month.




I recommend you go with that one, as it’ll give you a chance to start making some money for .

Anyway, I’ve attached a pdf with some simple instructions on how to sign up for your free trial. You’ll also see how to create your first squeeze page as well as find a front end offer to promote!

Talk soon!


P.S. Ever seen the “Karate Kid”? If you have, then at this point you might be feeling a little bit like that poor kid… All he did for the first half of the movie was paint Mr Miyagi’s fence, wax cars and sand floors…

To poor Daniel, it just seemed like he was doing slave labor without learning any real karate. But all of that work was building up his muscle memory, so that when it came to combat, the moves would be instinctive for him.

My Miyagi knew what he was doing, and as the student, Daniel had to trust in him. So I promise you, just trust me on this, and when I’m finished, you’ll be your very own list building ninja … But I can’t promise you’ll be able to do a flying-crane kick! πŸ™‚

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