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According to the principles of Public Relations (Propaganda) to attract voters and/or customers, we must never give detailed information about the advertised party (product) - the story of creation, principle of work, advantages and disadvantages, place and way of use.

Because this information only harass the electorate (the buyer) and the probability the advertised party to win (or the advertised product to be bought) is equal to zero.

In short: the mass consciousness not need an understanding of the proposed party or product. The mass consciousness does
not need knowledge, it needs emotion. Only emotion - positive emotion - joy, pleasure, beautiful and funny women (men)...

So back in the 50s of the 20th century the theory and practice of
Public Relations (the Propaganda) achieves a perfect manipulation of public opinion. Thus the purpose of the Propaganda (the Advertising) is achieved much faster, cheaper and safer, and the art of attraction (the money-making) becomes entirely predictable and securely.

Despite all these simple rules of propaganda (advertising) we will not be using them to manipulate your consciousness with the sole purpose of buying our products. Not! We give you full information from inside the programs...

Because we suppose that since you are here, you have no mass (templet) consciousness (for manipulation), and you have a self, original and
logical thinking of an unique personality!

Yes, we need unique personalities in our team. Therefore, despite the golden rules of the propaganda, we give you the most complete and accurate information about our products and capabilities.

Here we are building a team of creative and independent personalities, not a flock of emotionally dependent biorobots...

Thank you that you are here!