Omissions And Flaws
In The Program Of Each Author,

Why I'm affiliate of marketing programs of other authors and not of some my own programs in this field?

A very simple answer:

Because "the wheel is already discovered" and I do not want to builds all this industry from scratch. Because: I work as marketer 5-6 years only, and other marketers like my teachers - 10-15 years and more. In spite of all, I make upgrading the results of these marketers which is far easier. Because I use the experience of many marketers + my experience. This produces a multiplicative effect over my efforts and therefore your efforts with me will be more effective.

Moreover the authors of the programs are very busy - they have hundreds of thousands of members - they no time for you or me for direct contacts. Therefore we should unite together while I have time for my small (for now) team - I will give you my
personal help in direct contact (email, facebook, chat or skype).

In addition, all programs have
omissions and flaws that the authors conceal - nothing is perfect. And everyone is an individual personality with unique qualities, experience and way of development. I.e. if the programs of the authors are in conformity with your unique individuality, this will be a small and happy fortuity...

Besides, I want develop my abilities and in other directions like art, sports, science. I want to be free, not a slave to the computer, the Internet and my own business. Other Internet marketers have invested enough time and intellect in this activity and I would not have to start over, to be necessarily better than them.
My calling is to develop science and knowledge for human, and not to compete with proven brilliant marketers.

if you want overcome all omissions and flaws in the programs of the authors, I invite you to be a part of our small (for now) and for that reason EFFECTIVE TEAM!

Your online mentor, partner and friend,