3 Marketing Models

3 Marketing Models

LOTS of smart people get stuck on this part of their marketing…

The Front End.

There’s 3 "Marketing Models" making the rounds…

Model #1 – Pure Direct Response
The traditional Online Business Model is "Direct Response".  That simply means that your advertising and marketing is designed to elicit a response of action – and for most, that action usually means a quick hyper-linked trip from the Search Engine Listing, Email Promo, or Ad directly to the sales mechanism.

     So  Ad → Product Sales Page.

That’s old-school – and not in a good way.

It’s a huge waste of potential customers because asking for an immediate sale ignores the power of "Relationship Building" that can take place between your business and your prospect.  Right?

"Here’s my offer – take or leave it".

Model #2 – The Lead Magnet Method – Move the Free Line
Newer School is where you "Move The Free Line" and before you ask for a purchase commitment, you demonstrate value without the expectation of compensation…

I’ll say that again so it’s easily quote-able:
     Demonstrate Value without the Expectation of Compensation.

What do dat do?
Behavioral Psychologists have opined the concept of "Know – Like – Trust" as 3 emotions that must take place before a prospect feels ready to investigate an offer.

  • Meaning, a prospect needs to know you and what you’re about.
  • They need to Like you, which means share your values…
  • And they need to trust you, and believe that the value you’re offering them is relevant and appropriate to their needs

So, by giving them Free, Quality, Useful information BEFORE you ask for a commitment of dollars from them, you are creating the Know, Like, & Trust Emotions.

Sounds good, right?  It is, and it’s the most commonly used successful method of lead capture and customer acquisition.

But there’s a "Level-Up" trend that’s getting mucho-traction.  Let’s talk about it…

Model #3 – The Front Ender
First, lets talk about what it’s NOT:

It’s NOT a Lead Magnet.
A Lead Magnet is a highly specific piece of specialized content designed to appeal to a prospect that is searching for a VERY specific solution.  These are short reports, checklists, process maps, case-studies, white-papers, video tutorials and the like.

The key here is that they address a VERY specific issue or challenge WITHIN a topic.

Example:  The topic is "Creating Marketing Videos"
The lead magnet(s) might be:

  • How to make professional sounding audio with beer-level budgets.
  • 5 Power-Point Tips that make your marketing videos look Hollywood
  • Should your face be IN your videos?  Find out Why… or Why NOT!

Notice, they all address some critical function of creating Marketing Videos, but they are not about the CONCEPT of creating Marketing Videos themselves.

Make no mistake, the Lead Magnet Method of Moving the Free Line WORKS. And Lead Magnets should be the your Front End on EVERY Paid Traffic Campaign you have.

Having said that, they can be limiting! In fact, they are supposed to be limiting – that’s why they work – they are very focused to specifically appeal to someone who is in the process of dealing with an issue and needs help WITH that issue.  

So, what is a "Front Ender"?
It’s for the "Deep Diver" prospect.  It’s for the prospect that wants a full explanation about the nature of a topic.   Not the short, extreme focus of a lead magnet – but the all-encompassing perspective from an expert.

It’s a Book.  

And Books (eBook, Kindle, Hardcover, paperback, etc.) are quickly becoming THE FREE LINE of choice of marketers that are looking to LEVEL-UP.

Ya see, a Book has Intrinsic Value. For literally hundreds of years a book as represented the staple source of expert information to any and every market.

And as marketers, we’ve forgotten about them because there’s exactly 10,728 OTHER THINGS WE SHOULD BE DOING (Sarcasm).

What’s the problem (Besides being busy?). The problem is that the traditional book creation model is about as old and worn-out as a fax-machine.

Well, we need to re-embrace the Book Give-away model. Because other than your product, there is no other way to truly build massive and nearly instant credibility.

Start Here – The Publish and Profit Book.

Yes, there are tons of "How to write your own book" articles and lead magnets (heh) out there, but  this one is written by a man who uses books…

…as the Front End of his business.  
If you’ve been struggling with creating a Front Ender – one that represents your true expertise and demonstrates why you and your products are of extreme value…

… PLUS, you want to be able to create a universal front end for your business in less than a month…

Thanks For Your Attention,

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