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     1. Traffic Hibrid Software & Video Tutorials - Paul  Ponna
     2. Easy Clickbank Cash - Dylan Loh
     3. Commission Power Up - Cedric Aubry
     4. The Lexicon Of Self-Updating, Self-Marketing Websites - Sen Ze
     5. Google AdWords Made Easy - Brad Callen
     6. Affiliate Promo Formula - John Thornhill
     7. Article Marketing Blueprint - Ryan Parenty
     8. Rapid Video Blogging - Gideon Shalwick
     9. Zero to Hero - Jesse Regan
   10. The Greatest Money Making Ebook Easy Money - Lauryn Herbert
   11. JW Video Player Script For Web - Gideon Shalwick

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This Business Kit (Plug-In Profit Site - PIPS) is the perfect way for not only any average person to get started online but and for advanced marketers who seeking highly marketable products to be successful. It’s almost always necessary to invest thousands of dollars to get an offline business off the ground. However, on the Internet you can often start a successful business for less than $100 and even with no money if you have more time. The Plug-In Profit Site is a great example of this where you can get your own money-making site setup free within 24 hours and FREE tutorials and tools, advertising places and personal help from author, FROM ME and from our team! Each program of the kit is a MLM product with residual income opportunity. In just 3 easy steps, you will be able to partner with 5 proven successful online affiliate programs from the "PIPS" Business Kit:



If you have been in the internet marketing or MLM arena you know that getting ALL THE TOOLS you need to build your business can be a great expense. GVO answers this pain by offering all services under one roof under one low monthly cost with the opportunity to also make residual income. GVO is the only paid and required program in the kit because the author will setup your domain, hosting, site and email marketing by this program.


With 7 Minute Workout program (7MW) you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the fitness business and make some money promoting the program. So you can get a healthy body and a healthy wallet by residual income. The members of 7MW are a community that helps and supports each other. There is a live feed where you can post your triumphs and ask for help if you are struggling with something. So you have an instant support system from day one, without having to go to meetings or embarrassing weigh-ins. This is also a diet program. You get a diet tailored to you and your goals. It includes a food tracker, healthy and delicious recipes and a menu builder.


Strong Future International (SFI Marketing Group) or named with other abbreviature like Six Figure Income... This company starting with just one product, sold only in the USA, SFI has now grown to more than ~100,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world. One of the nice features of the program is that anyone can sign up and it does not cost a dime. If you have a computer and you are connected to the internet, then you are in. Your success is definitely dependent on you, your drive and your work ethic. You need to understand the affiliate marketing game and play accordingly. Thus your residual income will grow every month. SFI Marketing Group will give you the tools you need to become an internet affiliate marketing success, but the hard work will have to be done by you.


The amount of support that is provided by the Pure Leverage Team is very impressive. You get step by step instructions and can ask questions whenever you would like. The responses that you receive will never be automatically generated answers and you will be able to build a relationship with the Pure Leverage team. The program is a growing community of like minded people that all want to make more money. They provide 100% commissions on all product sales for the 1st month and 50% recurring commissions after the 1st month which is incredible. They also provide you with a 50% bonus match on all the business in your downline. Full internet marketing toolkit..


Blogging Marketing And Work From HomeThe basic membership to the Empower Network (EN) gets you access to the viral blogging platform and it will cost you $25 a month. if anyone signs up via your link, you get 100% commissions, sent instantly and directly to your bank account. I.e. if someone you refer purchases a basic membership you will get $25 a month recurring commissions. EN guarantees to provide tools and training you need in order to build a successful business (online or offline). Unlike most MLM programs where you HAVE to sell the company’s products, EN allows you to promote your own products (for example, I use the EN blog to promote my primary company called On top of all this, the company also boasts of providing 100% commissions for all your sales. This exist nowhere else.


Free Video & Text TutorialsYou can become marketing specialist by means of our FREE Tutorials in this site before your joining to each paid program. As well as with my personal guidance! That sort of help you won’t find anywhere else! I hope you are excited to continue your journey to time and financial freedom. You are now part of an exclusive group of like minded, success oriented individuals. You are amongst some of the top leaders in the industry and in very good company. Remember, this is a "Journey" and that means no matter what level of experience you have, we are ALL on the same path. I want to see you succeed and reach your individual goals. And then when you reach them, set higher goals, because the sky is real limit! PLEASE go through this training area in its entirety. There is a truckload of valuable information contained in this site for you.


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