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I know if you’re sitting there reading this email that you and I are alike. I too learned everything I could to figure out how to build a successful business.

Fortunately… with enough trial and error, hard work, and being around the right people, I did it, like you’re learning about in this video series.

But it wasn’t always such a rosy picture….

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When I first REALLY started figuring things out on Amazon, I thought I was at the top of the WORLD at $60K a month with my Amazon sales… In fact, the PROFIT from Amazon DOUBLED my entire ecommerce business’s daily profits – a business I’d built for nearly two LONG years.

It wasn’t because my revenue on Amazon was off the charts, it’s because it was SO MUCH MORE PROFITABLE than selling other people’s products on my own website.

So… when my business was cranking along at $60K a month on Amazon, I was constantly trying and testing new things. Trying to figure how the whole Amazon system worked for ranking products.

Then I received a strange email one day from Amazon that said, "We had to remove your product from because of compliance issues."

At that time, I thought, "OK, whatever, I’m listing it again." So I did. And it got removed….again. And I relisted it a few more times.

Ultimately this game I was playing led to my Amazon account getting suspended…. Not a good position to be in.

And at that point I swore off Amazon FOREVER…. for about 30 days.

Then I realized, "Wait a minute, my ENTIRE business DOUBLED in about a week once I figured out how to REALLY sell on Amazon…and I’m sitting here upset because of something I did to get my account in trouble….?"

Hosting & Internet Marketing Tools

At that point I realized how powerful Amazon really is.

The sales numbers are staggering. The conversion rates are off the charts. And the automation is unbelievable (like you’ll be learning about soon in the next video).

The beauty about Amazon is that they make money when you make money, meaning that your interests are aligned.

…Unlike Google who seems to do things from an SEO or PPC perspective simply at a whim, with complete disregard for the advertiser.

If you do things right like we teach, everyone wins… and you build a WILDLY profitable business faster than you ever thought possible.

What you’re learning in the video series are lessons from YEARS of figuring everything out – not just on my own now, with the insight from TONS of successful Amazon sellers.

So, before video goes live now , make sure you’ve gone through these three (3) things:

1. Watched video 1

2. Accessed your copy of the AmaSuite software

3. Checked out and learned from inside program case study and results

Please do those three things right now and we’ll see you tomorrow inside, all about finding high-margin suppliers and automating this ENTIRE business using Amazon’s own resources!

Hosting & Internet Marketing Tools

To Making 2014 Your Break-Through Year,


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This is for info only, because the sea from internet opportunities is great but and confusing…
But we sailed across this sea for you :-).
So, use our experience!


Thanks & Best Regards,
Toni Bon


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