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 Turn Facebook as your very own lead generating machine
using this customizable Facebook video player.

Hey Bosses,

We stumbled across a new KILLER Facebook video tool that we are now using in our business EVERY TIME we post a video on Facebook.

It’s called “ShareGate”

The product is now the Number 1 Selling Product at the DealGuardian.com marketplace and there is no secret why as you will see…

Here is what makes it so ninja…

Hosting & Internet Marketing Tools

It allows you to post a Video OR Facebook Stream Ad to:

    * Build A List
    * Make Your Ads go Viral
    * Force Viewers to Share to Unlock the Rest of Video
    * Have Your Own Video Skin
    * Add Your Branded Logo
    * And CALL TO ACTION “Buy Now” Buttons
    * And so much more.

(Build Your List and Add a Call to Action in
Your FaceBook Videos with ShareGate Technology…)

Click here to watch the video:

The Key to Advertising is to make your Ads go Viral. And the key to your posts is to get more Branding, build a list, and get more shares to make your posts go viral to get exponential engagement.

That… right there… is THE massive bonus all marketers shoot for, and up until NOW hasn’t been possible.

Click here to see why this is the Number 1 Selling product and why we are now using it in our business for everything Facebook.

You need this tool today and, at the price, we think it is a steal for what it can do for your business.

Hosting & Internet Marketing Tools
The Author

In short, it is a must have tool.

Check it out and let us know your results!

Best Regards,

PS – If you ever wondered how we were able to do this on OUR Facebook videos recently… here is the answer. We wish we had this tool to ourselves, but we just had to share this one with you!

Check out the FREE Demo Video HERE:


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This is for info only, because the sea from internet opportunities is great but and confusing…
But we sailed across this sea for you :-).
So, use our experience!


Thanks & Best Regards,
Toni Bon


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