Hi Friends,

I hope you are having a great day! I need a rest from last weeks launch lol.

I have been literally ran off my feet during our product launch last week, helping people, managing customers and making sure everything was as it should be. So it was time for a break this weekend so we popped out today for a reconnaissance of a country village retreat about 1 hour from where I live

The reason behind the recon was to check out a country house which we have hired for the weekend as a surprise for Emma’s (my wife) mother who in 4 weeks will be 60 years old. So in 4 weeks time, we will be hosting a big surprise party for all the family in a pretty cool country retreat.

We basically went to find out:

Where the house was
Where the pubs were (important)
What there was to do for the kids (ton’s)
And to get directions for the family to get there

There are going to be around 20 staying, so it’s nice to have an idea what we are doing and where things are. It’s also nice to think I will be able to unplug for a full weekend as I noticed a very low mobile (cell) phone sig, and.. wait for it.. No internet access! I honestly can’t wait, it’s going to be a blast! I will also send some pics of the crazy crazy weekend and what we did to.

Anyway it’s nice to write a posting like this one about what’s been going on rather than like some marketers who just pitch pitch pitch. It’s also nice to get out of the launch postings to 🙂

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Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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Toni Bon


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