Marketing Basics

Internet Marketing Basics

Here I'm going to give you an overall picture of how and why you can make a lot of money, by building websites, using the tool named Automated Traffic Site (ATS).

This is your eventual

In this manual, I'm going to cover many of the basics of online marketing such as how you select a market, establish how you make money in it, keyword research and so on. Finally, I'll finish with getting ready to work with the Automated Traffic Sit (ATS) script.

Selecting a market

Directories for ideas

At the end of the previous manual, I highlighted the fact that given the power of the ATS script, it would be possible to profit from sites built using it even in ultra-competitive markets like "make money online".

Although it might be tempting to jump into the make money online market yourself however, I'd really not recommend it. If everyone who has the ATS script decides to focus their efforts on make money online, it makes the market or sector even more competitive than it already is.

This is good for no-one.

It makes it even more difficult for each individual member of the ATS project to make money if everyone chooses the same market.

Don’t make it any harder for yourself (and everyone else) to make money than is absolutely necessary. And it's not as if there is a shortage of market ideas out there. For example, if you’re short of inspiration, there's "weight loss", "photography", "health and fitness" and many more listed on any major directory site like DMOZ or on the Yahoo! Directory page:

Another great place for similar research is the Groups page at MySpace. This is a place where people tell you what they are interested in or the kind of things they want from the net by joining particular groups (this option you will see if you have an old account in MySpace):

Commercial sites for ideas
You can also use more commercial resources to find market or macro-niche ideas too. As an example, the eBay page shows you the most popular searches on the #1 online auction site in the past few days:

Click the highlighted drop-down menu arrow to see the most popular searches in every individual category on the site. Each of these searches indicates that these are products that eBay users want to spend money on, indicating that they are popular. Next, you can do a similar thing with the category menu at

Click any of the category sub-menus and then check out the best sellers in each. Once again, this gives you a clear picture of the kind of things that people are looking for when they are searching the net.

Section Summary
Use online resources like directories and commercials sites like eBay and Amazon to get macro-niche ideas wherein you can build an authority site.

Can You Make Money?

Using Amazon or eBay to find an initial macro-niche idea has the clear advantage of highlighting the kind of products people want to spend money on. This is something you cannot ignore. If there is no money in your idea, you should probably move onto something else instead of wasting your time with a no-hope idea. Whether there is money to be made will depend on how you plan to monetize your ATS site to some extent. I’ll explain why.

If you sell digital affiliate products…

As an example, if you plan to make money as a Clickbank affiliate, you need visitors to buy digital information products from your site to make money. You must therefore consider the products available very critically before doing anything else.

In the market you are thinking about entering, are there a good number of information products available and are they top quality? You need plenty of choice so that you can test different offers and quality is essential if you are to generate sales.

Full details of how you recognize high quality Clickbank products, those that sell well, is covered in-depth in a later manual in this ATS training course.

Use the information that you find there if you are unsure about identifying quality products because it is essential that you do so before launching your site.

Other affiliate ideas
Some markets may be better or at least as well suited to selling physical products as they are to the digital variety. As an example, the gardening market is massive and while there are plenty of garden-related information products, there are equally as many physical products that you could promote as an affiliate.

For example, there are a ton of products that you could sell through the Amazon Associates program and gardeners are definitely spenders on the net:

Some markets might suit selling services to your site visitors. A finance site could for example have many pages suited to offers from credit card companies and loan providers.

There are lots of service providers (and also thousands of physical products) available through other leading affiliate network sites like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Clicksure, Pay Dot Com, JVZoo and Share-a-sale.

As an affiliate marketer, you are not therefore limited to promoting only digital products. Nevertheless, every one of these sites does have some system for assessing how well products are selling so make sure you pick the offers that you market with one eye on potential earnings.

Once again, you’ll find far more detail about exactly how you get set up and make money from these alternative affiliate networks later but for now, just remember that there has to be money in your market before you dive in.

Promoting CPA offers

If you are considering making money from CPA offers, you need to do exactly the same thing, especially if the offer you are thinking of promoting needs your visitor to get their credit card out.

And note that this does not only apply to CPA offers where the visitor needs to spend money immediately. Most free trials need credit card details from the enquirer or you do not get paid.

Even so, there are plenty of extremely attractive CPA offers that you can make very good money from in markets like weight loss, online dating, finance and make money online.

To return to an earlier example, this acai berry free trial offer pays $39 on submission of credit card details. This would therefore be a great match for any ‘acai berry’ pages on a weight loss website:

With people that are into fun free downloads like teenagers, I’ve had great success with other CPA offers like free screensavers, smileys and cursors. As an example, this smiley offer pays out $3.50 as soon as your site visitor downloads the toolbar:

With CPA offers, there are plenty that pay out well even if your visitor does not spend money or get their credit card out. Offers of this type would therefore monetize your site even if visitors do not spend money as long as you hit the right demographic.


One final method of monetizing your site that you might consider is advertising. However, I am not referring to adverts for products or services that you want to sell here (as this is covered by the earlier examples). Instead, I’m talking about featuring adverts from a third-party advertiser that will pay you to do so.

The easiest example to use is Google AdSense. Once you’re accepted into the program, log in to your account, create appropriate ‘blocks’ of advertising and paste them onto your site:

At first, the ads that are shown on your site will be random but within a day or two, they become targeted, especially if you add new content in the meantime.

What this means is that there will be gardening ads on your gardening site, surveillance ads on your surveillance site, finance ads on your money site etc.

These ads are targeted as they match your site visitor interests. Some of them will click and when they do, you get paid by Google.

The advantage here is that no-one needs to spend money for you to earn it. The downside is that you are not usually paid very much for clicks, although the earnings-per-click varies from business to business by a wide margin.

You should also note that you can combine AdSense on the same page as other product promotions as long as they are not direct competitors. For instance, you could feature banner ads on the same page as AdSense as seen here:

The bottom line is, AdSense is a great program for getting your foot on the advertising ladder.

What is more, making money from AdSense is a numbers game. The more pages you have with ads on them, the more money you will make. This is another reason why adding AdSense to your pages makes sense.

Later, once your site has become an established market authority resource, the advertising game is likely to change significantly as will the money you make from it.

At that point, you can sell advertising space either directly to end advertisers or through online media buying sites where the big corporates find suitable sites on which to advertise.

Sites build using the ATS script are ideally suited to this latter scenario because there is no quicker way of constructing an authority site from the ground up than using it.

Section Summary
There are many different ways you can make money from sites built using the ATS script. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of how you are going to make money before deciding on any specific macro-niche.

Finding Keywords

Having decided that I’m going to build a site for the make money online marketplace, the next thing I need to do is put together a list of keyword terms. However, when I’m doing this, I’m will bypass 99% of the work that you would normally do if you were researching keywords for most accepted methods of making money on the net like niche marketing.

With an ATS, there is no looking for long tail keywords or having to assess competition for every keyword term you find. Instead, all you need to do is put together a list of keywords, and the more of them there are, the better it is.

Remember that the basic premise of using the ATS script is that it enables you to create literally as many pages as you want to create every day. As long as you can create the content for your site, then there is no limit to how many pages you can add on a daily basis.

Consequently, as long as the content that you are adding to the site is the kind that Google likes (i.e. unique content), it’s natural that your expanding site will rapidly become an authority in your marketplace.

At this point, there is no reason why your site cannot rank for even the most competitive of keywords. As a result, spending hours researching keywords is a thing of the past once you own the latest ATS script. All you need to do is put together a list of keywords before building content pages based on whatever is on your list.

One of the great things about this is that it means you do not need to spend a lot of money on fancy keyword research software. Instead, you can use free software to build a mammoth list of keyword terms.

The first place to look for keywords for your market is the Google AdWords keyword research tool. In case you have not used it before, this is a free tool provided by Google which is primarily designed for AdWords advertisers. It allows you to discover a large number of the search terms that people use to look for information in your market when they search Google.

Despite the fact that it is mainly designed for AdWords users, you do not need an AdWords account to use the tool. However, if you use it without an account, the data that you will be able to extract will be limited to just 100 keywords. If you sign in as an AdWords account holder, the tool will return up to 800 keyword terms.

For this reason, it makes sense to sign up for a free AdWords account, especially as you are not obliged to advertise with Google after doing so. Once you have an account, open the AdWords research tool to start your keyword sweep. The first thing to do is input the captcha code into the box at the centre of the page:

Click the ‘Submit’ button after completing the task and add your search term to the box at the top of the page. Having done so, click the ‘Search’ button:

Google now returns a list of up to 800 keyword terms related to your root search phrase. As you are searching at a market level (i.e. it is a very broad search), the chances are that most searches will return the full 800 keywords as it does in this case:

In a moment, you are going to download this list of keywords to your computer. Before doing so however, there is one change to the default settings that is particularly appropriate if you are considering using AdSense to monetize your site.

Click the ‘Columns’ button on the right to change the columns that you see to include ‘Estimated Avg. CPC’ either instead of or in addition to local search information:

This shows you approximately how much an advertiser will pay per click for their advertisement to appear on the first results page for each keyword term shown. As an AdSense advertiser, you could expect to receive around 50% of this, so this gives you an idea of your AdSense earnings capacity associated with these key terms:

As you might expect in this market, advertisers have to pay quite a lot per click to advertise on results pages associated with making money on the net. It therefore makes a lot of sense to include AdSense in the promotional mix for a site of this nature. Download the complete keyword list to your computer by clicking the appropriate button at the top left of the page list:

Select all 800 keywords (or as many as you have) before downloading as an Excel CSV file:

Incidentally, do not hit the ‘Dismiss’ button while the download is in progress as this would stop it. Unzip the zip file and you have a list of 800 keywords, every one of which is directly related to your marketplace.

If you were researching your keywords to market to a narrow niche in the normal manner, this would be only a very small part of the job done.

However, for Whitehat Copycat site building purposes, you’ve now done everything necessary apart from seeing if you can find a few extra keywords. To do this, open up a standard Google search page. Begin to type in the same search term that you used a little earlier and Google will start to auto-suggest keyword terms:

Now, instead of letting the tool dictate the auto-suggest terms, try this. I type in ‘make money a’ to see what it suggests:

Add all of these to your keyword list before doing the same with ‘make money b’ and so on, write through the alphabet. If you add all of these keyword terms to the left-hand column on your spreadsheet, you will find that Google has not included some of them in the 800 keywords that you already have on your list.

Obviously, these are keywords that Google realizes people are using to search for ‘make money’ information but for some reason, the AdWords keyword tool does not pick them up. Why this should happen, no-one seems to know.

However, this little trick can add quite a few more keyword terms to your list that very few marketers who use the AdWords tool are going to be aware of. There is therefore very little competition associated with them.

Once you have added these keyword terms to the spreadsheet list, you need to weed out any duplicates. There are several different ways of getting rid of them described on this page but if you are using Office 2007, (at least) this is the easiest way.

Highlight all of the keyword terms in column A from the top to bottom by clicking and dragging the mouse down the page. Next, from the ‘Home’ tab (1), click ‘Conditional Formatting’ (2):

This produces a drop-down menu wherein you hover your mouse over ‘Highlight Cells Rule’ before clicking ‘Duplicate Values’ in the list on the right:

This produces a box that asks you how you want to highlight duplicates. After highlighting them, it takes just a couple of minutes to scroll down to remove the highlighted cells:

Okay, you now have a comprehensive list of keywords around which you can begin to create content. In the next chapter, I’ll show you how to do so the proper way.

Section Summary
Finding suitable keywords to use with the ATS script is very simple and requires little in-depth analysis. It is a simple matter of adding as many relevant keyword terms to the list as you can find because every one of them is a viable keyword for a page on your site.

Creating content for your site

The general principle
The central idea of populating your ATS is that in time, you add an article for every keyword on your list to the site. Doing so is obviously going to take some time, restricted by the speed at which you can create new content.

It is therefore essential to get started with content creation as soon as you possibly can. In fact, I would recommend starting right now because the more content you have available on the day that your site goes live, the more powerful it will be straight out of the box.

The basic idea of adding content to your site is that every article you publish should focus on one primary keyword term.

In this way, you ensure that the search engine robots (the software they send to your site) know what every article is about. This allows them to index your article pages correctly accurately.

When it is first indexed, individual pages are unlikely to be ranked, particularly if they are based on a competitive keyword term.

However, as the overall authority of your site increases, the individual pages will gradually rise to the top of the search results as your site becomes more recognized and respected.

With more than 800 keywords on your list, you obviously cannot create an article to cover every keyword term you will eventually target straight away.
Hence, the first thing that you need to consider is which keyword terms should you focus on first.

The more competitive and individual keyword term is, the longer it is going to take you to rank for it. For this reason, I would suggest that a significant proportion of your early content creation activities focus on the more difficult keyword terms on your list, those of one or two words that are more competitive.

The sooner the content you create around these keywords is published, the sooner you get on the index and rank treadmill. At the same time, pick a few keyword terms with three or four words with considerably less competition and searches. These should be far easier to rank for which in turn means that they’ll help to start bringing visitors to your site much more quickly.

The site navigation built into the ATS script is very simple but also very effective at the same time. Hence, you would expect a number of these visitors to look around your site when they come, to read other articles and so on. The chances of prompting a purchase or cash generating action are therefore increased.

Say that you decide to write 20 articles (each based on a different keywords) so that you can launch your site with a decent bang. You could perhaps write 14 around more competitive keywords to get the ball rolling with six on less competitive keywords as a way of bringing in your first visitors.

There is no hard-and-fast rule here but this is what I would recommend you do in the beginning. Later, you may want to experiment with different content creation strategies but to begin with, do something similar to this.

The specifics of creating site content
In the market I’m targeting, ‘to make easy money’ gets searched 135,000 times every month. I haven’t checked how competitive it is but I don’t need to because instinct tells me it will be competitive and anyway, not needing to check is one of the beauties of ATS. But as an example, this is the term I’ll use.

Keep it short: To create content for your site, you need to write articles of around 400 words.

You don’t need to write 700 or 1000 words (unless you really want to), firstly because doing so is difficult, time-consuming work and secondly, your site visitors probably don’t want to read something that long anyway.

Keep it short, to the point and tight.
Give them what they want: Next, you have to understand what your visitor wants when they read your content because if you give them what they want, you make money.

Sometimes, they might read because of general interest but most of the time, they look for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Your content should therefore aim to provide solutions or answers whenever you can. Before doing so, you have to let them know that you too understand the problem and that you understand where they are coming from.

Your job is to try to push their buttons, to get them thinking, ‘yes, I understand that’ or ‘yeah, that’s me’ so that they are mentally prepared to be receptive to the answers that you provide. Your title is critical: Structure wise, the title of your article should feature your keyword term as near to the beginning as possible. This ensures that the keyword term becomes part of the page URL that the ATS script creates.

This is particularly important if the title of your article is quite long. This is clear in this example where the long article title means that only the first four words appear in the URL at the top of the page:

It is crucial that your keyword term appears in the URL of your page. Hence, it must be at or very near the beginning of the title.
If your keyword is at the beginning of the title, then there is nothing wrong with using a longer title but if you do so, don’t waffle or use more words than you need to.

Instead, make sure that you tell anyone reading the title exactly why they should continue to read the article itself. Remember, they are looking for an answer or a solution. Consequently, your title has to suggest that the article contains the answers or solutions they need. For example, if someone is using a term like ‘to make easy money’ in their search term, it’s pretty obvious that they need money and that they don’t want to work too hard to get it.

Killer title ideas: Okay, that’s the solution they are looking for – easy cash. Your article title should therefore tell them that this is exactly the kind of information they will find when they keep reading.

As the article title, I might therefore use something like:

     • ‘To make easy money – 7 simple ways of bringing home the bacon today’

The first four words are the keyword term I am targeting. Next, the term ‘7 simple ways’ suggests that the article contains seven answers rather than one and that they are easy answers.

Following this, ‘bringing home the bacon’ is a slang term that most people understand while tagging on ‘today’ at the end implies that the solutions suggested are simple and quick.

Using numbers in the article title in this way is widely recognized as being an effective approach to stirring the curiosity of your site visitor.
Another effective way of using numbers in your title is to use a number that is very precise rather than general. This makes the claim being made in the title sound more authentic and genuine:

     • ‘To make easy money – how I made $5,728.54 in just 4 days’

Your reader will look at this and subconsciously wonder why anyone you would go to the trouble of using such an exact number if it wasn’t true. A visitor to your site who wants to make easy money would almost certainly read this article. The next title style that works very well is the ‘How to’ approach:

     • ‘How to make easy money in your sleep with one simple strategy’

By definition, this approach suggests that you are going to give the reader instructions about how they can achieve their specific objective. The ‘how to’ approach to advertising is one that has been around for a long time now but this does not make it any less effective, even in the modern Internet age.

Another highly effective way of creating an article title is to formulate a question, once again remembering that your keyword phrase should appear as near to the beginning as possible:

     • ‘Trying to make easy money killing you? I’ll show you how…’

This title makes a direct reference to the fact that my site visitor is trying to find an answer to this very question. Hence, I specifically tell them that I can show them exactly what they are looking for. One more highly effective and profitable title structure is to give your reader an instruction or command:

     • ‘To make easy money, here are three things you must do now…’

Note that in the last titles, I have ended with the three dot ellipse. This is universally used to suggest that there is more to come or that the story has not yet finished, a way of leading your reader from the title into the main body text of the article. Your article body text: The first paragraph of the article should set the scene by telling them what they are just about to discover. It must contain your keyword term at least once and if it is in the first sentence, it is even better.

The next paragraph is the ‘I feel your pain’ section of the article after which, I would set out the seven points mentioned in the first title or give them whatever else I promised.

As the first paragraph effectively says ‘this is what I am just about to tell you’, the last paragraph should say ‘this is what I just told you’. It must also contain your keyword term once again and it is best in the last sentence if you can seamlessly fit it in.

Keyword focus: You now have your keyword term in your article title and twice in the body text of your page content.

This is okay but it is not good enough for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. For SEO purposes, your article should have a page keyword density of around 2% to ensure that the search robots pick up exactly what keyword you are focused on.

As an example, if your article is 300 words long, you need the keyword term to appear approximately 6 times in the main article body (i.e. in addition to the title keyword insertion).

What you might also do if you have another keyword on your list that supports your main keyword is include it once or twice as well.

This should ideally be a relatively minor keyword (one with few searches or competition – probably a term that is 3 or 4 words long) as including two major keywords in the same article could confuse the search robots. Including a supporting keyword in this way is valuable because Google use a concept called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to decide what your keywords are and how good your article is.

LSI basically assumes that if an individual keyword appears in an article, it will be supported by other similar keywords. If it is, this helps Google to index the article accurately and it also enhances their ‘view’ of the overall article quality. If you follow these guidelines when creating content for your site, you will have a highly respected authority resource established in next to no time at all.

It’s just a question of keeping adding quality content to your site on a regular basis, because as long as you do, the reputation of your site will continue to grow.

Section Summary
You need to create content for your site, and the sooner you can get started, the better. Focus some of your initial content on keywords that appear to be very popular judging by the number of searches while other articles focus on keywords that are likely to be less difficult to rank for.

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But we sailed across this sea for you :-).
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