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Hi Friends,

The other day I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed, and a certain post jumped out at me.

I can’t remember the image, whatever it was it did catch my attention, but more importantly…

There was a promise about a few specific marketing secrets revealed when I click on the link.

Being that I am in this market, I’m sure just like you, I’m always looking for more marketing ideas that can add to my bottom line.

So I thought…

"Let’s take a look at what they have…"

When I got to their page, once again, there was a promise to uncover a few specific marketing techniques and I simply needed to enter my email.


If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s probably stuffed with more emails than you possibly have time to read.

So believe me…

I’m not looking to subscribe to another one.


The promise of revealing something that I’m extremely interested in, made it a very simple decision.

I wanted to get my hands on it.

And a few seconds later, I was on a page getting what I was promised with an offer to get even more for a few bucks.

Think about this…

3 minutes prior to this I was innocently browsing around Facebook with NO INTENTION to buy anything.

And now…

I’m entering my credit card information because suddenly I wanted and needed something I didn’t even know existed just moments before.

This is internet marketing at its best.

Identifying a specific target audience.

And having a very compelling message that resonates with what they already want and a promise to solve a specific problem.

When you can do this, you can virtually print money on demand.

And this is exactly what you’re going to discover how to do inside The DotComSecrets-X System.

How to almost effortlessly get people excited and motivated to enter their information and get on your list.

Eager to hear and see what you’ve got.

Right now… you can get your hands on this training at a major discount and start building your own list of hot prospects and buyers.

As quickly as the same day.

Check out all the details right here.



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Thanks & Best Regards,
Toni Bon


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  1. My CPU freezes whenever i create a video identify resting on IMs?

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