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That’s what told me my teacher Russell Brunson about his beginning as marketer:

"I crawled out from under my desk, almost hitting my head, and grabbed the phone…

"…hello" I muttered

"WHAT THE #@%#^$@ ARE YOU DOING!?!" responded the stranger on the other line.

Confused I asked him what he was talking about.

"In the past 6 hours we have received over 30 spam complaints from YOUR IP address… Russell, you’re a SPAMMER and we’re shutting off your internet access."


I was so confused…

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I got a lump in my stomach as I hung up the phone and realized that I now had to explain to my new wife of just 6 weeks that I just got our internet shut off.

You see, just 6 hours earlier I had "officially" started my new business as an email marketer…

Or so I thought…

I had been trying to learn online marketing for almost a year now, and I kept hearing people talk about how the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can have is…

Your own email list.

It made total sense to me.

I did the math, and if I had 100,000 people on my email list, and I was selling a $5 product and I ONLY got 1% of them to buy…

Then I would make $5,000… (1% of 100,000 was 1,000 people X $5 = $5k)

It made total sense… right?

And I saw others doing it. All I needed was an email list.

I just had no idea how to get one.

So I looked online and found someone selling a CD with over 1,000,000 "spam free" email addresses.

Sounded good to me, and when I did the math, 1 million names sounded better then 100,000.

So I bought the CD, found some software that would send out emails… Found a product that I could sell for $5, unplugged my phone line under my desk, plugged in my 14.4k modem…

…qued up the emails and went to bed.

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I still remember laying in bed that night, explaining the math to my wife.

I actually told her that if she wanted to quit her job the next day, that would be fine, because I’d be able to support us from now on. 🙂

And that’s why that phone call stung so much…

As she started to walk out the door to her job, I grabbed her, and with shame in my eyes told her… "you probably shouldn’t quit today…"

She smiled, gave me a kiss, and walked out the door.

I felt deflated… my dreams of the night before had shattered down once again around my feet.

How were people doing it?

I know they were… unless they were lying…

No, they couldn’t be lying. There HAS to be a right way to do this… right…?

I sure hoped so as I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door.

I had a 9:00 AM class that day, so I needed to hurry.

When I got to class, I could barely hear a word the teacher said, I was feeling so down.

About 20 minutes into class I walked out to go to the "bathroom" and slipped into the computer lab next door.

Since my internet was shut off that morning, I hadn’t checked my email yet today.

When I logged it, I was shocked at what I saw…

At first I was confused… then I got a little nervous.

As I looked closer that nervousness turned into excitement…

I had made a SALE!!!….

No.. I had made a LOT of sales.

$5… $5… $5…

There were dozens of them.

Almost $300 in sales… all from the email I sent out the night before!

This worked… well, sorta.

The concept worked, but the way I executed it was wrong.

And THAT day is when I started my mission to learn HOW to build my own email list.

I knew it was possible… I had seen the fruits of it.

Now I just had to figure out the legit / legal way to do it.

And THAT journey has been one that changed my life forever.

Want to know what I learned…?

Or, would you like to know the fruits of what’s happened since I built that list?

Right now I have over 500,000 subscribers to my email newsletters…

And those lists, make me HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars a month… every month…

And has been now for almost 10 years now.

This journey was the most rewarding (and profitable journey) that I’ve ever been down.

I posted a few videos to walk you through that journey, and to show you HOW you can build your own list fast.

Check out the video here:

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I hope this video inspires you and gets you excited to start building your list!

Russell Brunson"

Yes, this is so eloquently. It needs no further comment.

Be Happy,



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