No Cost Affiliate Marketing

No Cost Affiliate Marketing

New Way Of Affiliate Marketing

3 Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid
hen Selecting Affiliate Offers To Promote

Many people new to affiliate marketing get very excited when they see the variety of affiliate offers they can promote – and the amount they can earn from them.

Unfortunately, disappointment often sets in when they don’t start seeing tons of cash flow immediately. There are many reasons for this, but often the problem begins with the selection of the offers. Here are three pitfalls to avoid.

Pitfall 1: Not matching the offer with your target market.

Before you select an offer, you need to know what your target market wants – and make sure you select offers that closely match their needs and interests.

If you are looking for affiliate offers to promote to the readers of your blog or website, not only should you match your offer with your site’s topic – but you should also take a look at comments left on your posts and check your stats to see what keyword searches your visitors are using to find you.

For those who have a list of email subscribers to a newsletter, you can even go a step further and survey your list to find out what type of information, products or services they are most interested in learning about.

These steps will help you identify exactly what it is your market is looking for – and help you uncover the perfect offer.

Pitfall 2: Selecting new and untested offers.

If you are just starting out promoting affiliate offers, it’s often best to select offers and creatives that have already been tested. Most affiliate networks will provide stats showing estimated conversion rates for each offer – and often for each creative available for promoting that offer.

Keep in mind, an offer with a low commission but high conversion rate can generate more income than a new unproven offer with a high commission.

Pitfall 3: Not split testing multiple offers.

Whatever you do, don’t throw a bunch of offers at your list or visitors all at once. The flip side of the coin is don’t just promote one offer and then give up. You must continually identify and test new offers – sticking with the ones that give your the best ROI, until you uncover another offer that performs better.

Affiliate marketing is not a "do it once" then sit back and relax way to earn – it is a model that requires you to actively participate, test and tweak your promotion. Because the returns can be so high – and the barrier of entry is so low, the extra effort you make to do it right can be well worth it.

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