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Dear Friends,

I have always been fascinated by products which make positive and lasting changes within the mind. I have managed to get the folks at Powerful Subliminal MP3s to gift an exclusive album for all our members – their popular Powerful Subliminal MP3s album which usually sells for $15…….

Get your copy here:

The way it works is quite simple. Subliminals are created to support whatever goals you have – be it shedding excess pounds, becoming more positive, improving your self esteem etc.

If you are serious about changing yourself for the better, then subliminal messages can be a great way to make changes within your subconscious mind – an area that, if ignored, can hold you back and stop you from achieving the result you want and the success you deserve.

I’m honored to bring you this offer in partnership with Powerful Subliminal MP3s. They are the largest supplier of unique subliminal albums (each available on CD and MP3) online – with a growing range of 200+ products. Their attention to detail, dedication to creating the highest quality albums, and their responsive customer service is unrivaled. I hope you enjoy the albums as much as I have been – I strongly recommend you visit their site to claim your album and learn more about subliminal messaging:

To Your Magnificence,

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Your Life Optimization Coach

P.S. This offer is exclusive to our members, you won’t find these albums anywhere else.


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Thanks & Best Regards,
Toni Bon


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