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Hey, it’s Toni,

This is a transcript from an interview that I did of Andy. The perspective here on getting traffic is pretty intense and worth the read – even though we haven’t released the video yet.

Hope it helps.

-Begin Andy Interview:

The opportunity for all of us is to never waste resources again on poor results.
If i’m spending anything at all – my time, my network, my money – it has to give
me the result I want.

And I WANT as much traffic as I can possibly get – but only if it converts
visitors into customers. Just like you, I want the upfront revenue from the very
first transaction.

And then I want the upsell profit, and then I want the repeat sales and sales of
future products – just like every smart business owner wants – just like you.

You think there’s a shortage of How To information about getting traffic? Let me
put it to you another way – if you were to come back and watch this video in a
year, I have no doubt there would still be dozens of traffic training courses on
the market – just like there is now.

That begs the question – if the information is out there – why isn’t everyone
who wants to get traffic getting as much as they want?

Because – getting traffic is deceptively easy. And that’s a huge problem. You
can go right now to Facebook’s advertising dashboard – and going to facebook to
get traffic would be a smart choice – facebook is simply the most profitable traffic you can get right now…

Yes, you could go there, set up an account, and start sending traffic practically anywhere you want.

You can do it – I can do it – and my distant great aunt from Sparta Greece could do it. We could give facebook $50 and in return, get back $50 worth of traffic.

And if you want to lose $50, give it a go.

That’s what most people do – because they’re confused about their Highest and Best Use in their business.

I don’t mean to be harsh, or creepy, but the my observation is that when ‘traffic is easy to get’ it has a history of hurting most small businesses. And it’s easy to get right now, so a lot of people are feeling the pain.

Because when they lose that $50 with zero sales results — they never do it again. You hear all kinds of bleating like "It doesn’t work" or "My market isn’t on facebook", or "It’s too hard", or "I can’t spend money on traffic". Yeah? Stop getting logos designed or re-doing your blog… Sigh. Sorry.

Then they’re off to Mr Toads Wild Ride of Distraction looking for the mystical free traffic source. Of course, they don’t get any real traffic from that adventure and they think there’s something wrong with their product – so they start picking at that or even start over with something new. And the cycle continues.

Guys, traffic is everything. And we’re making this video because there are too many brilliant, inspired, and SMART people that want to help others with their products who have given up on their goal because they couldn’t figure out TRAFFIC.

You know what’s ironic? I didn’t start my business knowing a damn thing about getting clicks to my site – I’m mostly known for Video. That was the first thing I knew. The second? Well, it took me the short side of a month to understand that getting traffic was going to make or break my business. And guess what – becoming good at traffic didn’t mean that I’m not still good at what I’m good at. I can still make videos pretty good – and I can still teach people how to make videos pretty good – but the only way someone knows that I can do that is because I can also get a metric poo ton of traffic so people can SEE that I know how to make videos. Only THAT combination has created personal prosperity.

[Mike – "So What’s Your Point?]

My Point? Unlike other times, I acutally have one – my point is you do not need to give up being a subject matter expert of whatever you’re selling in order to make this work – but to crunch out numbers that end up in your bank, you need one more piece of the puzzle – you need to know how to get traffic. I don’t know if you remember that clip from the first video – but I’m going to play it again.

[Plays Ryan Clip from Interview]

Ryan spends 90% of his "Business Owner time" on traffic. That’s what he said. And Ryan is stil a marketing subject matter expert, who sells marketing information — first and foremost. Buuut – We know he is a marketing expert because WE were the traffic he got to show us his marketing expertise.

Seperate the two. Seperate Getting Traffic and Your Product.

Proudly claim whatever subject matter expertise you have or want to unleash on the market. That’s yours. Own it.

And then, embrace the fact that a successful business is going to need traffic – so either learn to get it, or get someone else to work on that for you.

It’s pretty much that simple.

Get started, it’s free:

Thanks for reading!

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