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Twitter is a great push delivery ennige, but is not great for recruiting or jobseeking without help. Twitter can only be used as a job board if the jobs can be targeted towards the jobseekers that are interested. Simply tweeting a job on your account or via RSS doesn’t solve that problem. Why would a jobseeker want to follow that account?

Jobseekers would get ALL the jobs. e.g. a sales rep in Boston would get IT jobs in San Francisco in his or her feed. Too much noise. We’ve built and intelligent layer on top of Twitter, and tweet jobs over an 8300 vertical job channel network on Twitter based on location and job type. Jobseekers simply follow the job channels they care about, and then only the jobs that apply to them will show up in their feed.

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Another issue that I’m very concerned about is that job openings have a timeframe. Once a job gets filled and removed from a job board, it should not be searchable. If Twitter is to become a job cloud, the companies and services that tweet jobs need to be responsible for removing the tweets when the jobs get filled. Otherwise, there will be job tweets with links to pages that say sorry, but this job is no longer available.

Bad for the company brand, and bad for the jobseeker experience. All the major job tweeters (Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, twitterjobsearch, tweetajob, etc.) are fire and forget with their job tweets. TweetMyJOBS is the ONLY service out there (and we’ve looked) that removes the tweet when the job gets filled or removed. Check it out yourself: Go to any account being managed by the other services, go back a couple months on their timeline, and click on some job tweets.

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Any company doing an RSS feed to Twitter cannot remove the tweet. The Social Media Footprint being left here is analogous to a hiker who drops candy wrappers every 10 feet as he hikes up a mountain. This practice doesn’t help the quality of job tweets nor the jobseeker experience, and is leaving expired garbage on Twitter. Soon we’ll have Al Gore on Mashable talking about Twitter Warming 🙂

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