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$200k in 7 days. $1.1 MILLION in just 21 days!

Remember I told you that not only will I be giving you additional free training for being a loyal customer… but also sharing with you proven, tested and beneficial products which I know will help your business grow exponentially!

Anyway, my previous posts was showing the reason why my first ever launch was a 5 figure launch and I have gone on to generate even more since!

Check it out below.

Here’s the post from earlier explaining why this product is so important! Hope you’re having a wicked weekend! Me, I had a nice relaxed evening consisting of a chinese takeaway and a few beers last night, and now about to step out on the most joyous occasion of the weekly shop!!!

Exciting life, right? Ha!

I was thinking back to my other affiliate products this morning and they got me thinking. That launch was a 5 figure launch and converted really well! This my blog was my first launch, and its pretty much unheard of for that much success for your first launch.

I was thinking, what was it that did it?

What made my launch convert so well? I analysed my sales page and went through every aspect. I very much doubt it was the sales copy, although its good, it ain’t that good!

One thing that did get me as soon as I landed on the page was the video where I was interviewed by 2 top marketers.

I put it on autoplay so as soon as you hit the sales page, if your speakers are on, then it starts playing and grabs your attention.

I watched the video through and its pretty good as a sales video! I reckon it was the video interview that did it for me, and helped me with a mega successful first launch!

Interesting stuff!
Anyway it leads me onto the below. I and my good friend and mentor Alex Jeffreys offer a product aptly named:

Million Dollar Sales Video

He takes you through the exact process which enabled him to hit results such as these:

A staggering $200K in just 7 DAYS! $1.1 Million after 21 days!
Thats an insane $52,380 per day!

The mad thing is, there is nothing special about the videos! Alex used a simple $7 microphone, an old battered laptop and free video software! I was lucky enough to get access to the training and I gotta say…


Anyway, if you’re into video marketing or looking to get into it then this is something you defo shouldn’t miss!

Its on a dimesale so grab it now before it goes up!

Have a good day!



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