Traffic-Building Tips, Straight From Google

The video above contain
Google’s Matt Cutts on how to get better listings in Google.
Great advice on how to build your site’s search ranking.

Video Lesson #1:
How Google "discovers" your site. Learn how Google finds pages in your site.
Video Lesson #2:
How to make your site "accessible". Learn about making your website more "Google friendly".
Video Lesson #3:
How Google "ranks" your site. Google explains how they rank your site in search results.
Video Lesson #4:
Google’s Matt Cutts on how Google uses description tags. Google’s advice on why and how to create good Meta Tags.
Video Lesson #5:
Google’s Matt Cutts on how Google works. How Google finds your content and decides what to
Video Lesson #6:
Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter and Facebook links. How Google rates links from sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Video Lesson #7:
A brief overview of how SEO works and why it’s so important.

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This is for info only, because the sea from internet opportunities is great but and confusing…
But we sailed across this sea for you :-).
So, use our experience!




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