Now you can log-in to a cloud based software and literally only in a few minutes you will be surprised from our perfect breath-taking video marketing tools, which are ready to rank your site and products on Page 1 on Google & YouTube. This software, named Video Wave, is one of the best SEO & Marketing Tools up to this moment, which saves you time and lets you earn on autopilot!

GET INSTANT ACCESSIn short (to avoid wasting time by unnecessary speaking) – What can make this online software for your business:

 1. Page 1 Rankings In Under 2 Minutes Flat.
 2. Instantly Build & Rank Videos Page 1 On Google & YouTube.
 3. 3 In 1 Revolutionary Video App That Produces You Real Results.
 4. Finally Released… A World's First 3-in-1 Software Suite.
 5. Without This, You Can’t Ever Rank Page 1 On Google…
 6. All In One Software Does Everything For You In Just Minutes.
 7. 2 Minutes To Money-Getting Videos? [Watch the videos above].
 8. Make $150 – $300 Per Day With Just 2 Minutes Work.
 9. Maximum ROI With ZERO Ad Spend.
10. How To Rank & Bank Big With Social Media In 2016.
11. Affiliate Commissions Made Easy.
12. No List? Not For Long…
13. Exploit Google’s Latest Ranking Loophole To Build Your List For Free.
14. The Good, Bad & Ugly Of eCom.
15. An Instant Boost To Your eCom ROI.
16. Why Your eCom Profits Suck And What To Do About It.
17. The Non¬-Stop Traffic Tap To Unlimited Free Visitors..


Can You Handle This Much Traffic?
● You’d have to spend days going through the technical process of creating a video from scratch with different tools (whereas Video Wave’s simplistic interface allows you to create cutting edge videos in just minutes).
● You’d have to spend many days trying to find good profitable easy to rank for keywords (whereas with Video Wave, it finds these keywords all for you in just a matter of seconds).
● Manually posting each individual video to the top social bookmarking sites takes hours on end.
● Manually posting each individual video to the top video sharing sites takes forever. 
● It would cost you thousands of dollars to produce the type of videos that Video Wave produces for you in just a few clicks. 
● You’d have to spend endless hours trying to get backlinks to the video just to try get it ranked. (This is all now done for you with just one click within Video Wave).
● Not understanding how to rank page 1 of Google.
● Google has made it almost impossible to rank sites Page 1.
● Wasting money on SEO services and software that never gets you results.
● Not enough traffic.
● Inconsistent results.
● Shiny object syndrome and nothing works.
● Simply not believing ANY method will work for them..

Get It All Here For The Lowest Possible Price:

Why Video Marketing is a perfect

(The study was done in February 2016):

The name of The Second Largest Search Engine on the Planet is 'YouTube'!!! Only Google and Facebook outstrips YouTube at number of visitors.

● Average time spent on YouTube per mobile session is 40 minutes.
● 9% of U.S. small businesses use YouTube. 
● 72% of millennials use YouTube.
● 80% of YouTube's views are from outside the USA.
● Every minute YouTube users records videos in it with total duration 300 hours.
● 60% of a creator’s views come from outside their home country.
● 6 billion hours of video are watched every month.
● Everyday there is a 3X increase in user subscriptions and a 4X increase in channel following on YouTube.
● People watch at Youtube more than 4 billion videos per day.
● Every month this видео-lamia makes over One billion unique visitors.
● 50% of people who watch video in the world makes this procedure in YouTube. This research is made for one year (2015)
● 75 countries in which on 61 languages use YouTube.
● Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices.
● Mobile revenue on YouTube is up over 100% year over year.
● YouTube have  millions of advertisers. They are active consumers of Google platforms for advertisement, significant portion of which are small enterprises.
● 75% of advertisers are using TrueView In-stream ads and 75% of In-stream ads are now skippable.
● YouTube’s mobile revenue is up 2x year over year.
● The number of users coming to YouTube who start at the YouTube homepage, similar to the way you might turn on your TV, is up more than 3x year over year.
● YouTube partner revenue is up 50% year over year — and we've seen this level of partner revenue growth for three straight years.
● 50% of all annual incomes of individual advertisers in YouTube are over $1 million per Advertiser.
● The number of advertisers who publish video on YouTube as ads reaches more than 40% per year. And the top 100 advertisers, the average spend per advertiser is more than 60% year over year.
● YouTube overall, and even YouTube for mobile phones only, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any USA cable network.
● People watch video on YouTube 60% of the 'Prime Time' – this is a year-round statistics from 2014 and 2015 –  this is the largest and fast increasing in last 2 years.
● The number of hours people spend watching videos on mobile is up 100% year over year.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Toni Bon


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